Monday, September 26, 2016

Sunday Breakfast and Football

Football weather and a football game - what a promising Sunday.

I am grateful for a wonderful breakfast. Two fried eggs, homemade bread toasted and buttered, avocado, and sliced garden tomatoes. To top it off, Mike made it and brought it upstairs for me to eat. So I ate. I did take it out of the bathroom. You see, I was getting ready so we could head out to Sioux City for a football game. My lower half was dressed and the upper half was covered by a towel. My hair and make-up also only half done. But I was not about to complain about the location of the breakfast delivery. I was just going to find a place I could sit and enjoy.

So I sat in the office, me half done, and ate all of my breakfast. It was the best breakfast of the week! I didn't think of taking a photo until after I had just about licked the plate. The best I can provide is evidence that I'm not exaggerating how good it was.

Not too far from the juncture of 168 and 29 there was a road sign for a scenic view. I would have driven past as I was on a mission - make it to Sioux City before game start. Mike said "we have plenty of time, let's go check it out." So we did. It really was a good time for stretch as we'd been driving for about 2 hours. As soon as I got out of the car my joints popped and cracked. Which turned into singing as I stretched "Snap, Crackle, Pop. Rice Krispies"

The scenic view required a short climb up a wooden structure. About 1/3 of the way up here is what I saw - It made me laugh out loud. The view was beautiful and I imagine it will be breathtaking once the leaves start to turn color, painting Iowa in the glorious colors of autumn.

We made it to Sioux City in time to stop (plenty of time) for a sit at a real table lunch before the game. The name of the restaurant was Rebos and it was in an old industrial part of town. I took the waitresses suggestion and ordered the pulled pork sandwich. I think it was the best pulled pork I've ever had! I went for the smothered potatoes (I love potatoes so this sounded like a safe option). They were OK, partially because they were only lukewarm, but mainly just because they were just OK. Mike ordered a lobster bisque as his side. It was wonderful and he was wonderful - he shared his bisque with me and ate most of my potatoes. So all-in-all lunch was a success.

Then came the whole reason for the trip - this guy

As always, it was wonderful to see his smile, get to talk with him for a moment, and receive a hug and a kiss on the cheek goodbye.

On the way back to IWCC to deliver the Halloween care package we brought with us, sans cookies as he told me he was cutting down on his sugar, we drove over this bridge. An unexpected visual treat. We even ended up right behind one of the two football buses.

The care package was a hit with Jordan, but it seems like cookies are on the 'please send' list again. As Jordan was walking into the dorms with this Halloween Tin a couple of players yelled, "Hey, more cookies!" Guess I have the honor and privilege of feeding several of the boys. Lesson learned, even if Jordan is cutting down on sugar consumption it doesn't mean others are - cookies are a request at all times.  

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  1. I always enjoy cooking for my best friend and wife. It is also amazing how we crammed so much into just a few hours together on the road. Time flies soooo fast when you are with the person you are in love with. Please travel more with me :)