Saturday, September 24, 2016


I am grateful for these two beautiful young ladies. They have taught me something about how to love my sons. As a mom I truly believed I loved my boys unconditionally. But....I don't think I trusted others to love them the same way, so I wanted them to be 'perfect'. The perfect son, student, friend, boyfriend, employee, athlete, etc. My definition of perfect meant not making 'big' mistakes. Being honorable in all things, honest, fair, strong men without reproach. It meant them having dreams that became purposeful goals and the grit to work hard, making no excuses on the road to attaining those aspirations. I believed this was possible because you see, I know their strengths, potential, capabilities. I know their souls. However this picture I painted didn't allow for imperfections, for their major struggles and falls. My wants for them didn't allow for bad choices; choices that changed their paths, choices where they experienced the judgement of others, choices where at the worst they judged themselves and believed they were unworthy, lacking.

These two women proved me wrong. They proved that there are others that can see past the imperfections and into the very heart of two of my boys. They have loved them, truly loved them. Because you see, they have loved them at their best and at their worst, They have loved them during their struggles and falls. These two beautiful souls are proving to these two young men that they are worthy, and special, and loved beyond measure.

Madison and Tessa - thank you. Thank you for showing me how to be a better mother. Thank you for showing me how to love my boys at a different level. Most of all thank you for loving my boys!

It is a joy to have you in the family.

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