Saturday, September 24, 2016

Saturday Continues

So we planned on getting a hotel in the Council Bluffs area in order to watch the IWCC Varsity football game this afternoon and then head up to Sioux City on Sunday to watch Jordan play in the JV game. At the last minute we made the decision to stay home so we could get some work done, save a little bit of money for the various projects we are working on, and just head up to Sioux City on Sunday since we will be able to watch Jordan play in that game.

Then I started to feel guilty and I wasn't getting much done. Before I hopped in the car Mike checked out what time the game started. Well, start time was one and since I took a late morning nap it was too late for me to leave and make the game.

That's when I decided to focus on the blessing of being able to take a nap. I love naps, probably a little too much. It felt good and now I needed to work on making sure I didn't let the guilt of not going to a game (a purposeful and conscious decision) ruin the napping experience.

The next blessing quickly followed. The game was postponed due to weather, for 5 hours. Was this a sign I should still go to the game - or have a Blue Moon I had recently purchased? I really wanted that Blue Moon but I knew the better choice would be to take a road trip and go see my youngest. This time before I jumped in the car and took off I decided to give Jordan a quick call. He let me know there was no guarantee the game would actually take place today. Now I can have my Blue Moon guilt free. And if the game is cancelled today there will be no JV game tomorrow. That hotel room would have been a waste.

There is a downside to this possible turn of events; I might not be able to see Jordan this weekend. I trust there will be more blessings today and tomorrow and I will see him at the end of the week no matter what happens tonight or tomorrow. The point of this - the blessings out-weight the disappointments!

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