Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Monday Musings From Tuesday Morning

Study, work, volunteer, have a beer, call it a night.

This is a plant given to me by Phyllis after last year's Thanksgiving dinner. It is the surviving favorite. My other favorite was an air plant given to me by Noah for Mother's Day. It did not survive, but it did teach me I love those types of plants so one day I will purchase a replacement.

The evening was started by going to the church to assist with filling bags and boxes with food for those who could use a little extra. It doesn't surprise me that it feels good to do something for others. The added bonus though was seeing and interacting with my RAGBRAI riding partner, Sharon. That's Ed with her. Also a nice guy, but I'm not sure he would go on crazy bike rides with me!

And here is just a sample of what was available. One of the elderly ladies I helped package things up made the comment that the Food Pantry of Iowa is such a big help as she just can't afford groceries at the current prices. It is heart breaking that putting food on the table at any age is a challenge for some. I have been blessed for 51+ years as to day buying food for myself and my family has never been a struggle.

The nightcap of the evening was accepting an invitation to Terra and Don's home for a drink. I may not know how to stay away from conversations about politics (the debate between Hillary and Donald started while we were there) and Black Lives Matter, but the brief conversation was hopefully the catalyst for me to become better informed, especially on the BLM issue. I hope Don and Terra will be willing to continue the conversation. Not just so I learn and know more, but so maybe I can do something to be like a pebble tossed into the water.

Thank you Terra and Don for your hospitality.

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