Thursday, October 6, 2016

Thirsty Thursday

Today was cooking day. Started out making pumpkin muffins this morning. I had everything I needed on hand. I must have been thinking ahead on one of my last trips out west.

Then I went to the store for a few ingredients for both dinner and dessert. Dinner was a beer brat cheesy soup. Hence the thirsty Thursday - had to go buy beer. And since a 6 pack is the smallest and the recipe only called for one I had to taste test :-)

For dessert I made pineapple upside down cupcakes. The recipe was only supposed to make 12 but I managed to get 14. The two single cupcakes had us all laughing until we cried.

Blessed to be in Colorado! Remember yesterday I was grateful that my mom hadn't forgotten who I am.Well last night she asked where is Debbie. I was sitting across from her and said "I'm right here". She said, "No, the other Debbie". I guess I spoke too soon. On a good note, she smacked me on my butt today and didn't say, "Your ass is getting big".

Mom also took a walk with me tonight. The day started out cloudy with some rain, but it was sunny and pleasant this afternoon. You have to focus on the positive as the negative is so often out of your control.

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  1. I think my only comment on the lone cupcakes on the plate is, 'no comment.' Look yummy tho.

    I think it is fantastic that your mom went for a walk...Been trying to get to do that for a while :)